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Friday, May 11, 2012

Question & Answer with Brooke Russell

Question & Answer with Luxeyard Trendsetter Brooke Russell !
We sat down with our My #LuxeStyle winner Brooke to find out a little more about what inspires her personal design! Brooke was even nice enough to share a photo of her living room which we've shared here! Nice work Brooke!

To see Brooke's boards on Pinererst, check them out here:

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Q & A with My #LuxeStyle winner, Brooke Russell:

1. Tell us what your biggest style influences are: My biggest style influences come from nature. I am an earthy Taurus, so I am drawn to all things natural. In nature you find color, texture, and beauty. These things are also represented in my personal esthetic.

2. Do you plan your interiors or your personal style around a single item?: I plan my interiors based upon a certain feeling, or vibe I want to create. For instance I wanted the living room in my new house to represent, and give off the feeling of beachy coziness. There fore I went with neutral sand tones in the furniture pieces, and spiced it/beached up with small turquoise, white, blues, silver and teal accents. I always have fresh flowers too!

3. What's the most difficult thing to shop for? : The most difficult thing to shop for is a bathing suit. It is hard to find a suit you like to see yourself in :)

4. Where do you draw design inspiration from?: I draw design inspiration from moods. I like to evoke a certain mood with the designs I create or use.

5. What item can you not live without?: I cannot live without a fabulous handbag! A great handbag just lifts your mood and your look. A close second would be an everyday lip gloss :)

6. What does being named our #LuxeStyle Trendsetter mean to you?: I feel so inspired by being named #LuxeStyle's Trendsetter. I have always had a feeling for fashion, and trends, and am happy to have the LuxeYard platform to share my passion, and knowledge of/ for fashion with all!

7. What are your future plans? : Currently, I am starting a new career. I am studying Fashion Retail and Marketing at The Art Institute of Portland. I would like to become a retail buyer for a great store, and eventually branch out with my own feminine concept boutique.

8. Any advice for other aspiring Trendsetters from the LuxeYard community?: My advice to other future trendsetters would be to follow your gut on looks, and cultivate your own and believe in your own creativity.

9. Who is your favorite interior and or fashion designer and why?: My favorite fashion designer is Michael Kors! I l have admired his work since he designed for Celine in the 90's ( i bought the famous 'bullet belt' at the Celine store in London in the 90's). His sense and esthetic of casual bohemian chic is unmatched. I love most things he creates!

10. How do you describe the LuxeYard brand to your friends and family: I describe LuxeYard to my friends and family as a luxury on trend fashion website with great product!

Congrats again Brooke and we wish you all the best on all the goals and dreams you have set out for yourself. We're happy to have been able to be part of them!!! XOXOXO The LY Team

Brooke Russell's own living room

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