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Thursday, August 26, 2010

The supermodels are ALL over 40!

Claudia Schiffer just turned 40 yesterday!!!!!!! SCREAM!

Does this mean we're getting older too?? (Dedicated to Eric T., and all the other supermodel fans from high school. I always thought 40 was so darn old. Now I think that 40 isn't thaaaaat old :)

We all have to admit that these women look fabulous then and now... Let's try and pull it together people. To those near 40 or over I challenge you to look and feel your best now! I have started with a daily workout regimen. Join me in getting, or staying fit. Live life! Love life~ at every age :))) Viva la vida...

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Plus is more

This is soooooo overdue! V magazine did a fabulous curvy issue this year! It seems as if curvy figures are getting the recognition they deserve. Marc Jacobs company just announced that they will be making a new line next year geared toward "plus" sized women! It is about time! As we know beauty comes in ALL sizes. Bravo to the designers/editors in the fashion industry that are finally catching up :)) I can't wait to see what the future of fashion has to offer women in sizes that are not 0-10.

Sunday, August 15, 2010

Am I feeling Marc Jacobs right now?

The answer is..... Y to the ES honey! I am soooo feeling his designs right now. Above is just a mini teaser of his fab Fall looks... Find more here.

Oh and on a side note: I will be "Brogueing" my heart out this season also known as "Oxfording" (ok I kinda made it up as a term of actually"ing" almost like "vogueing" but not :/ hahahaha), but you get the point I will be rocking some hot oxford/brogues this fall. Already have a few nice ones lined up. Fall is looking very stylish I must say :) Here the definition 4ya-


The distinction must be drawn between brogues and brogueing. The term brogueing refers to punched patterns along the seams and outer layers of the shoe uppers, while a brogue is not only a fully-punched shoe, but also has Derby (open) lacing. Brogueing, the punching which forms the patterns in the shoes, has its origin in the boglands common in Scotland and Ireland; the wearers had to step in and out of bogs all day and needed a shoe that would allow good drainage. Today brogueing is used to emphasise the seams that define the design of a shoe. This punching occurs in various patterns. Brogueing is mostly applied to laced shoes, typically Oxfords or Derbys, but may sometimes be used on loafers or women's shoes.

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Sweet B is back in the USA!

Back from a fantabulous european vacation! Gathered new inspiration, and ideas for the future. Thanks to all of my european lovees for making the trip memorable and insprational <3