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Thursday, May 10, 2012

A little bit about Brooke Russell aka Sweet B

Brooke Russell (the short story)- A true pioneer in the European soul /RnB music scene. Brooke Russell sang many features, and collaborations with top international artists including Wyclef Jean (Fugees), Falco, Samy Deluxe, Stefan Raab, Walking Large, DCS, Eric D. Clark, Sharam Jey, Oleta Adams, Freundeskreis, Gentleman, Joy Denalane, George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic,she was also featured on the legendary Ministry of Sound House compilation for her hit with the house duo Knee Deep with the single 'I won't let you down' and many many more. Check out her album debut from the year 2000' The Life I've been Looking for'. Hits such as Hotel California, No More, and her international top100 Billboard USA RnB chart hit, Spain top 40 smash single 'So Sweet'( still a hit in Japan)! Take a listen....

Brooke Russell Album' The Life I've Been Looking For'

Brooke Russell (aka Sweet B)- Singer/Songwriter/Entrepeneur
Official Brooke Russell  Fan page

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