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Tuesday, February 17, 2009

I want one of these!

Text from the design blog-
How often does your cup of coffee or tea get cold in a day while working on your table at home or office? Not sure about you, but I have to visit the kitchen more than once to (re)warm my cup of coffee. If you too are suffering from the same snag, designer Dmitriy Shcherbakov has come up with an innovative device that will help you in warming or chilling your beverages in no time, without leaving your seat. Hailed as ‘Gradient,’ the portable device maintains a constant temperature, with the buttons located on the case, until you gulp the last sip of your coffee. The heating surface of the device keeps your cup warm, while the impeller located at the top of the case chills your beverages. The Gradient highlights the temperature on a LED display. The LED light turns red when set in the warming mode, and it becomes blue while in chilling mode. The portable device by the Russian designer runs on electric power (consuming 20 W) and measures133×112x240 mm only.

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