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Sunday, August 15, 2010

Am I feeling Marc Jacobs right now?

The answer is..... Y to the ES honey! I am soooo feeling his designs right now. Above is just a mini teaser of his fab Fall looks... Find more here.

Oh and on a side note: I will be "Brogueing" my heart out this season also known as "Oxfording" (ok I kinda made it up as a term of actually"ing" almost like "vogueing" but not :/ hahahaha), but you get the point I will be rocking some hot oxford/brogues this fall. Already have a few nice ones lined up. Fall is looking very stylish I must say :) Here the definition 4ya-


The distinction must be drawn between brogues and brogueing. The term brogueing refers to punched patterns along the seams and outer layers of the shoe uppers, while a brogue is not only a fully-punched shoe, but also has Derby (open) lacing. Brogueing, the punching which forms the patterns in the shoes, has its origin in the boglands common in Scotland and Ireland; the wearers had to step in and out of bogs all day and needed a shoe that would allow good drainage. Today brogueing is used to emphasise the seams that define the design of a shoe. This punching occurs in various patterns. Brogueing is mostly applied to laced shoes, typically Oxfords or Derbys, but may sometimes be used on loafers or women's shoes.

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