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Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Sweet B is back( with her green tea latte)!!!!!!!

Sweet B is back with a new/old obsession! Green Tea latte's made with "matcha powder"! I adore them, I devour them, I reaaaaaaally really like them. Do u get that I am into them yet??? I just bought my very first tin of "Green Gold'! I have been going to Starbuck's religiously since I moved back to the USA to get my green tea fix 2 x a day. Now I can make them at home! What used to only be good enough for the Japanese royals is definitely good enough for Sweet B! Try it...u might enjoy it as much as I do.

1 tsp Matcha powder
1 tsp vanilla syrup ( I like the italian brand 'Torani' they make a sugar free option with splenda)
1 cup of steamed milk( you

ENJOY...... IT'S DELICIOUS!!!!!! Find this and many other delicious teas at Teavana.

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  1. lokks good and i cant wait to try it one day... greetz Zdenka